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Bridge Repair Honors Community
The artistic design of a bridge repair pays homage to a city’s culture.

Pipe in the Piedmont
Non-metallic casing pipe protects utilities.

Saving Money in South Bend
First city in the world to manage its water systems in the cloud.

Geofoam: A Primer
Local governments use geofoam to overcome common geotechnical challenges.

Economical Alternative for Landfill Facility
Waste transfer station relies on fabric building.

GIS Aids Emergency Response
Starting in 2007, the Houston-Galveston Area Council’s Data Services GIS began to update its 9-1-1 GIS database and to share accurate 9-1-1 GIS data to better assist emergency responders.

Battling Aging Pipeline Infrastructure
Restoring deteriorating pipeline infrastructure for water, wastewater, and stormwater efficiently with minimal surface disruption through trenchless pipe replacement technologies.





• NPDES Permit Writers’ Manual

• Free Digital Document Viewer

• Pavement Health Track Analysis Tool

• Sign Retroreflectivity Toolkit

• Roadway Design and Rehabilitation Software

• White Paper: Retroreflectivity Compliance

• White Paper: Benefits of a 3D City GIS

• Sanitary Sewer Overflow Analysis and Planning (SSOAP) Toolbox

• Brownfields Resource Guide

• Specification and Application Chart for Hydraulic Erosion Control Products

• Meeting Government Mandates to Reduce Fleet Size



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